Developing Server Based Applications & maintaining servers and Mac Infrastructure

Software Development

I master various programming languages and frameworks, but often choose components based on open source code and Common Lisp as programming language by choice, if possible.

Many of the projects I contributed to are related to language, for example dictionaries and software for analysis and generation of text.

Server Administration

SEDB facilitates IT-services often used by — and necessary in — office environments and schools in Bergen and Hordaland municipality.

  • Installing and configuring Mac OS X Server and Client
  • Installing and configuring GNU/Linux-servers
  • Configuring Macs to work with Skolelinux / Debian-Edu
  • Configuring network based backup systems
  • Configuring e-mail accounts and groupware, especially Google Apps
  • Maintaining Wireless and Wired local networks
  • Remote administration of servers
  • Installing and upgrading hardware


Sørensen EDB ENK
Olaf Ryes vei 43
N-5006 Bergen

Phone: +47 901 30 893

About Sørensen EDB AS NO 990 915 938 MVA
Norwegian bank account nr.: 1506.84.29134
IBAN: NO4415068429134

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